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Blooming PerennialLocated in beautiful Agassiz British Columbia Canada, we welcome you to BNC Ornamentals.

Retail sales for grasses can be ordered for next year's season. Please visit our catalog of ornamental grasses and we will be happy to ship to anywhere in Canada and the Unite States.

New from BNC Ornamentals

North America's Only Panicum Virgatum ‘Blood Brothers’ field propagator. This Switch Grass develops outstanding foliage colour. It forms an upright, slightly vase-shaped mound of green-blue leaves, the tips developing blood-red tones by midsummer that get better through the autumn. Small reddish flowers develop into tan seed head by late fall. Remains sturdy and attractive well into winter.

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Our exciting Miscanthus 'Giganteus' Bio-Fuel Grass/Rhizomes/Root Growing Program is seeing a surge in popularity in recent years due to increasing concern over climate change and energy security and BNC is poised to be a leading producer. Contact us for more information on Bio-Fuels.

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